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Learners and Learning

Which of the following most closely matches your views about learners and learning?

You can only choose ONE option.

Learning is about active construction of our individual mental model of the world. We each have characteristics (such as age/stage or prior attainment) which constrain what we can learn. Our learning is intrinsically motivated by trying to make sense of the world around us and remove conflicts within our mental model.

Learning is about remembering knowledge. When we learn, we individually acquire and then retrieve knowledge. We each have genetic predispositions which determine our learning potential. Our learning is extrinsically motivated by our desire to meet expectations and work towards rewards or publicly recognised outcomes.

Learning is about actively developing our identity (becoming) as we participate with others who have shared goals and shared valued ways of working (belonging). Our learning is intrinsically motivated by the desire to belong to particular communities and become competent in socially valued activities within those communities.

Learning is about actively constructing knowledge as we are introduced to it through dialogue, particularly with more knowledgeable others. We each have a set of prior experiences which form a base on which we can extend our knowledge. Our learning is intrinsically motivated by trying to make sense of how others in society have constructed ways of seeing and understanding the world.