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My Pedagogical Stance

The activity below will help you to understand what your pedagogical stance is (i.e. which of the four main 'learning theories' your views most closely align with).

The activity is adapted from Chapter 4 of From EdTech to PedTech: Changing the was we think about digital technology by Fiona Aubrey-Smith and Peter Twining.

Remember as you do the activity that you must be honest about your beliefs - there is no 'wrong answer' so long as you are being honest about your beliefs.

There are four components that contribute to your overall pedagogical stance:

  • Your view of learners and learning
  • Your view of teachers and teaching
  • Your view of knowledge
  • Your view of the purpose of schooling

Take your time - think carefully about which of the options presented to you on each page matches most closely with your beliefs - be honest (nobody else will see your results).

At the end you will be provided with a summary of your results - and some advice about what to do next.

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