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Teachers and Teaching

Which of the following most closely matches your views about teachers and teaching?

You can only choose ONE option.

Teachers direct learning through scaffolded activities and dialogue. Teaching is seen as providing the opportunity for learners to work with more knowledgeable others. Within their zone of proximal development learners co-construct their understanding of established subject knowledge claims through interaction.

Teachers create learning opportunities that emerge from learners’ characteristics and interests. They attempt to make clear connections between school activities and valued ways of working in the world. Teachers encourage shared meaning to emerge from activity in the classroom, and make these meanings explicit so that they can be understood and made use of by all the learners.

Teachers have the knowledge their learners need to acquire. They break this down into small steps that need to be learnt in sequence. Drill and practice are used in order for learners to retain knowledge. Pace and competitiveness (e.g. quiz scores, personal best times, competitions) are used to maintain learners’ motivation.

Teachers provide an environment that supports learners who direct their own learning, with guidance from the teacher to help them develop their individual mental models. Teaching involves providing activities through which learning will occur. For younger children these activities need to involve physical interaction and concrete experiences. Older learners can extend their mental models through problem solving and abstraction.